“In a power outage, the first step is admitting you are powerless.”

Be prepared

GD solar LED lights


GD Solar LED/USB Re-chargeable

(great for beating load shedding)

Product Features

  •  Built-in 6V4AH rechargeable sealed lead-acid battery

  •  AC 200-240V. 50/60Hz  ( +/-  13 hours charging time)

  • 9V 3.7W Solar Panel ( max input less than 7W)

  • 3x3W  LED Light Bulbs

  • Charges up to  4 LED Light Bulbs at once

  • Multiple USB mobile phone charger, built in CCCV system to charge any mobile device

  • DC 6V Output (can charge up to 4 items at a time)

GD solar light pic 3.png
GD solar light pic 2.png